Inspired by the Art Deco era and illustrations of the 1940s and 1950s, St. Anchor creates classical, yet contemporary designs.

Starting as an assistant to Spooky Sally Cherrymuffn at the well known Cherrymuffin Studios in Berlin, he soon developed his own style in graphics.

Today the range of his work contains various branches. Such as logos and complete layouts for small businesses, bands and independent labels or shirt, poster and flyer designs for events.

St. Anchor has several collaborations with international clients as well. For example, several Poster Designs based on photographs by Chris Gomez, Vestige Photography, Meghan Cosgrove and Julio Villa for L.A. Pin Up Model Lisa Love. He has also designed a poster series featuring Swedish pin up & fetish model Calamity Amelie, based on the photography of Emmelie Åslin. And he also worked together with Canadian pinup illustrator Nathalie Rattner on various projects.

If you are looking for a vintage inspired design, don’t hesitate to contact St.Anchor.